Monthly Tornado Siren Practice Cancelled for Today Ahead of Storms


The Nashville Office of Emergency Management announced on their social medias that there will be no tornado sirens today at noon, due to the severe weather ahead.

Typically, these sirens take place at noon for the monthly tornado siren, but due to the strong storms ahead for the day, they do not want to frighten or confuse the public today.

If the sirens go off today, that means there is a tornado warning and you should take shelter immediately.

A TORNADO WATCH means that the conditions in the atmosphere are favorable and there is the potential for tornadic activity. You should be keeping track of the news reports and even look at the radar on occasion to make a safety plan if it is needed.

A TORNADO WARNING means that a funnel cloud has been spotted by a spotter or indicated by the radar and shelter needs to be taken IMMEDIATELY.

Although the warning may not be near you, we never know what path a tornado will take. It is always best to be weather aware and safe.

From all of us at Middle Tennessee Source we wish you a Happy New Year!


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