5 Books to Read This April, 2021


Here are 5 books for Spring reading hitting shelves this April , we suggest:

  1. The Bomber Mafia – Malcolm Gladwell-  Gladwell’s account of the bombing of Tokyo in 1945, focuses on two American generals — Haywood Hansell and Curtis LeMay — and how their differing approaches to air warfare left a profound military legacy.
  2. Empire of Pain– Patrick Radden Keefe- The Sackler family and their company, Purdue Pharma, has played a large role in the opioid epidemic. Purdue, which recently pleaded guilty to charges related to the way it marketed OxyContin, will pay roughly $8.3 billion to settle the case. The Sackler family more.
  3. On The House: A Washington Memoir- John Boehner- Former Republican Speaker of the House shares his memoirs.
  4. First Person Singular: Stories – Haruki Murakami – A man recounting a one-night stand and a monkey who steals the names from Tokyo residents are among the narrators of the eight stories collected here.
  5. World Travel: An Irreverant Guide– Anthony Bourdain – A 480-page travel guide focusing on what to eat, where to stay, and things to avoid from the late food writer and TV host of “Parts Unknown”. His last book.


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