Finding the Covid Vaccine In Wilson County Report- 4/22-29/2021


Where can I get vaccinated? 

  • State vaccine hubs and local health departments. Use the state’s interactive vaccine map to see where you can get an appointment by zip code and what vaccines they have in stock. You’ll then be taken to a questionnaire that confirms your eligibility and allows you to make an appointment if doses are available.
  • For Wison County Phase Eligibility Click Here
  • Other pharmacies, health clinics and medical providers. Check the interactive map or schedule an appointment through Walmart or Sam’s Club. You’ll need to create an account with your name and email to get a vaccine through Walmart or create a guest account to go through Sam’s Club. Kroger and LeaderNET and the Medicine Shoppe are also offering vaccines at some locations.
  • Check the state’s COVID-19 vaccine website for more information. You can also contact your county health department for help scheduling an appointment by clicking on your county on the state’s interactive map. And a federally backed online tool called VaccineFinder lets you search for vaccination sites by zip code, with links to appointments.
  • Veterans Affairs facilities are vaccinating veterans, spouses and veteran caregivers. Those enrolled in the VA health care system get priority; additional appointments will go to others who are eligible based on their age, health problems and other factors that increase their COVID-19 risk. Sign up with VA to get updates on vaccine availability and to be notified when you can make an appointment.
  • Vaccine supplies are limited everywhere and available only to those now eligible under each state’s phased plan. Most vaccine sites require you to schedule an appointment online or by phone. Appointments can be very hard to get, as available time slots are booked quickly, and you may experience long wait times on the phone. If a time slot is not available, you may be put on the site’s waiting list. Some people are signing up at multiple sites to increase chances of getting an appointment. Once you have a confirmed appointment, public health officials ask that you don’t schedule or confirm another with any other provider so that vaccine appointments stay open for others.


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