Source Nashville Coming Soon

The 24/7/365 Live-Streaming Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports & Lifestyle Channel for Middle Tennessee
Coordinated with the 9 County-Specific Websites of the
Middle Tennessee Source Network

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Now there’s a way to stay in front of the local TV audience you’re losing to cord-cutting and streaming services, and make more meaningful advertising connections with consumers than traditional TV offers.

Beginning April 1st, all the local news, weather, traffic, sports, and lifestyle information over half a million Middle Tennessee residents get from the 9-County network of Middle Tennessee Source websites will be live-streaming on a unique new channel we’ve developed with AccuWeather.  SOURCE Nashville will be available on all smart TVs, PCs, phones, and tablets — any web-connected device — and we’re already in discussions to add it to the local channel line-ups of all the major cable, satellite, and streaming TV services.

Here’s a quick explainer video that’s a 4-minute watch:

How Your Business Can Become a Sponsor

There are 3 ways advertisers can leverage SOURCE Nashville to engage new customers and create new business:

Title Sponsorship.  We’re seeking a category-exclusive title sponsor for the first year of the channel, with a sponsor-option for up to 2 more years at the same guaranteed low price.  As the channel’s title sponsor, you can gain the accountability of the trackable, digital environment combined with the cost efficiency TV has historically provided.  We’re guaranteeing a max CPM of just $6 with this multi-media sponsorship opportunity, and it likely works with your existing TV creatives.

Download the Title Sponsorship Overview Here

Crawl Sponsorship.  Our crawling text advertisements offer a scannable QR code so you viewers can engage you straight from the channel, for total accountability.

Feature Sponsorships.  We can partner your brand with content features that appeal most to your potential customers, and then embed you within and around that content for best results.

Are you willing to evaluate this sponsorship opportunity?  If so, can we schedule a 15-minute demonstration and overview with Q&A?

To learn more about SOURCE Nashville sponsorship opportunities, call or text Tony Varallo at (615) 490-5018 or email [email protected].  We are always happy to customize opportunities to best suit the needs of our advertisers.